Hi Lucille,

This is Katey almost 5 months from Malta, New York (Jane, Eric, Colby and Jeremy Obrecht).  She is doing really well and getting big fast.  She had no worms when we brought her to her first appointment and she just finished her last shot series.  Now on to the Lime disease shots.  We are going to dogie school for 6 weeks (entire family), she does great. Before the class  we taught her to ring the bell at the door to go out and it works like a charm, she only wined the first  night in her crate...she has slept all night since then, she really likes her crate.  She really is a great dog and soo cute.  The class we are taking has 3 Wheatens in it and of course she is the cutest dog there.  She loves the outdoors and snow no matter how cold...everyone thinks she adorable, us too.  She does need to get around other dogs, she is extremely shy at dogie school, she doesn't want to be with the other dogs especially the little more aggressive ones, she does ok but doesn't love it.  Well all is well, she is great.

Thanks again,
Hi Lucille,

Just wanted to let you know we love TEX- he is a great addition to our family! Please let your Mom know we couldn't be happier. I have sent a couple of photos that you can post on your site should you choose.

Thanks again
The Bacons
North Haven, CT
Dear Lucille:

I wanted to let you and your Mom know that Clara is happy and healthy and we're enjoying every moment with her. We took her to the vet the Monday after we picked her up. She had no signs of worms, but a soft stool, a distended tummy and some stomach upset. That's all over now, and she's bouncing around happily. We keep her in a crate and take her out regularly with a harness and leash. Everyone in the neighborhood loves her. More and more, she's allowed to be with the family outside her crate. She's sleeping next to my desk as I write.

 I'm attaching a picture of her, taken shortly after she arrived.

Many thanks for such a wonderful, sweet-tempered girl. We couldn't be happier with her.

With kind regards,
Dear Lucille  ~
I think of you often and always mean to sit down and write a letter to you but life has been so busy here.  We only had Maverick for 2 weeks when my Dad (92) became ill and was hospitalized.  I stayed in the hospital 24/7 with him for 1 week, then relatives poured in and Maverick saw a zillion new faces and was taken out by everyone at all hours day and night.  He adapted to round the clock lights and noise because after 2 more weeks Dad came home on Hospice and we had a folks here around the clock. 
Sadly my Father passed away and Maverick started a routine again mid-February.  My Mother (87) was then hospitalized twice but okay now and my husband has been seeing many, many doctors for various reasons. 
We love our puppy and already sent you business as we recommended Rumors of Love to a family who then purchased a boxer from you.  I don't know their name as they were friends of our neighbors but I know they came to you and bought a dog.
I will send photos of our pampered pup who is showered with love and affection constantly.  All of our neighbors and friends, plus our trainer at PetSmart adore him.  He is almost 30 lbs.  @ 8 months.  Oh, and you were right.....he was and still is a groaner > he never barks, just groans when he wants attention. 
I could go on and on but maybe I will write again.  Please feel free to use us as a reference, we are 100% satisfied with our addition to our family :-)
Thanks again  ~  Joyce
ps - hope all is well with you!

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