Stagecoach Wheatens Stud Service Contract,, #845-264-3006 

This is a written agreement between I, Lucille Brady and ______________________.I will provide my AKC/APRI registered dog for stud service for a fee of ______.00 or pick of litter, only if all stipulation stated below are read and agreed upon by all parties involved.

The fee will be paid in CASH in full on the day of the first mating.

There will be an additional fee (each time),  if stud dog owner has to travel to provide any services pertaining to the mating of the two dogs mentioned below within an hour radius. Example, if stud dog owner has to travel to female owners residence for mating. The fee will be covering gas expense.

1. It will be your responsibility to show proof that your female dog is registered, healthy and UTD on all vaccinations.

2. It will be your responsibility to travel to the residence of the stud dog being provided, unless the extra fee above is discussed and agreed upon. or other arrangements are made.

3. To insure a successful breeding will take place the owner of the female must allow at least two ties to occur. If after all attempts are made and the female does not become pregnant, the stud owner will provide the available stud at next time of heat, only if the females owner provides documentation from a certified vet after a week of the females due date. The documentation should be given/sent to the stud owner within 5 days of female’s owner acquiring it.

4. It will be your responsibility to contact the stud owner with confirmation of pregnancy.

* If female does not give birth to more than 1 live puppy. Stud owner will provide available stud at next time of heat.

5. It will be the owner of female responsibility to contact stud owner when puppies are born. Pictures of all puppies must be provided when born.

6 It will be owner of female responsibility to have the puppies seen by a vet between 1 and 4 days old for health check and removal of dewclaws and tails.

7. It will be owner of female responsibility to provide proper care and nutrition to all puppies in their care.

8. It will be owner of female responsibility to have all puppies seen by a licensed veterinarian and given proper vaccinations before the puppies are sent to new owners, the legal age for puppies to be able to go to their new homes is 8 weeks old, the NY state law.

9. The stud dog owner will provide all pedigree records pertaining to the dog used for stud service. Also any health testing records will be provided.

10. The stud dog owner will not be held responsible for any health guarantee given by owner of female to puppy purchasers.

By signing, all parties have read and agreed on all conditions stated above.

Dam/Female owners signature _________________________________date_________


Address _________________________________________________________________________________

Dams registered name______________________________AKC registration#___________________________

Stud owners signature ______________________________________________date_______________

Stud dogs registered name ________________________________

Stud dogs AKC registration no. __________________________________

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